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National Disc Golf Day

Have you been driving down Broadway, looked over at Capaha Park to see someone throwing what looks like a frisbee toward a metal chain structure? Turns out that’s not a frisbee, but a competition called disc golf. Disc golf is played much like golf, but instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc. The sport was formalized in the 1970s and shares the objective of completing each hole in the fewest strokes/throws.Also similar to golf, a disc golf hole begins from a tee area and ends at a target, the most common of which is an elevated metal basket. Now that you have the summary of the game, where can you try it?

In recognition of National Disc Golf Day, we wanted to introduce you to a few places to try this sport out in the area.

Established in 2012, Cape County Park North is an 18-hole course in and out of the wooded areas, allowing players to experience nature while walking the course. The other disc golf course in town is Capaha Park, with 10 holes.

To play a course, set aside around 2 hours, depending on the length, terrain and technical difficulty. According to the Professional Disc Golf Association’s website, “every time a person ventures outside to play disc golf, they walk an average of about 5,613 steps (almost three miles) per 18-hole round.” So, you can get some exercise at the same time!

Interested but don’t know where to start? The SEMO Disc Golf Facebook Group

SEMO Disc Golf Facebook Group is the place! You can also find scores and schedules on the league home page. They are right in the middle of their season and have matches Sundays and Wednesdays in Jackson, Cape, Perryville and Scott City.

Another great resource is an app called UDisc, featuring over 14,000 courses through the United States. You can view disc golf locations and get interactive maps so you know where the next basket/tee is. It will also keep your scores and allow you to compete with friends.

This would be a great family outing to get kids outside enjoying time away from screens and TVs. We hope this inspired you to try disc golfing in the area!

To see a calendar of events and happenings in town, be sure to visit our Events page!

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