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Back-to-school shopping in Cape Girardeau

For many students and their guardians, getting ready for a new school year is far from fun, with a long list of supplies like notebooks, colored pencils and rulers, plus clothes and backpacks. Multiply that by several kids, and back-to-school shopping might get overwhelming.   The key to a successful shopping trip is finding the ... Read More

City of roses … and daffodils … and tulips

Back in the 1940s, Highway 61 was lined with eye-catching, colorful plants and shrubs – including roses. A drive down the flower-lined road inspired Cape’s most common moniker: City of Roses. There aren’t any roses on Highway 61 now, but Cape Girardeau still has a lot of flora around the city. Today, the most prominent ... Read More

Summer in Cape Girardeau: Educational fun

For most kids, summer is the most exciting time of year: hanging out with friends, no homework and more television than books. Unfortunately, elementary students lose about 25% of what they learned the previous year during summer break, according to a Northwest Evaluation Association study. The old saying proves true: If you don’t use it, ... Read More

Summer in Cape Girardeau: Indoor fun

From the Conservation Nature Center to a wide range of museums to sports tournaments, there’s plenty going on inside to keep you engaged without having to brave the Missouri heat and humidity. It’s been known to get pretty hot around here. The National Weather Service places Cape’s highest temperature at 107 degrees Fahrenheit on June ... Read More

Summer in Cape Girardeau: Outdoor fun

Waterslides are ready, wooded trails are lush and local parks are beckoning you to head outdoors and bask in the sunshine. In Cape Girardeau, the main source of outdoor fun is the Parks and Recreation Department.  And since July is National Park and Recreation Month, it’s the perfect time to honor all their hard work ... Read More

Now showing in Capaha Park

Nothing is more relaxing than kicking back in the night air and stargazing at a sky full of glittering diamonds. Unless you’re watching a movie that transports you into a world of laughter or suspense, where the hero overcomes every obstacle and good is guaranteed to win. Or maybe it’s an evening catching up with ... Read More
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