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Why You Should Spend National Red Wine Day in Cape

There aren’t that many things you can apply the phrase “since the beginning of time” to, but red wine comes pretty close – right down to the Ancient Egyptians, who detailed how to produce wine in their tomb paintings. If you’re a red wine lover, you probably already know the benefits of drinking it – from ... Read More

Seize the (Relaxation) Day Make the most of National Relaxation Day this year (seriously, we’ve ALL earned it)

Take a deep breath and just enjoy life.   There’s likely never been a better time for all of us to take that advice. Research has long proven that relaxing is good for us, lowering stress levels, boosting energy and relieving tension – along with a host of other benefits that help us function better. ... Read More

Welcome to Cape: A SEMO student’s guide to all things Cape Girardeau

School is almost back in session and that means it’s time for our SEMO students to come back! Whether you’re back for another year or you’re embarking on your freshman adventure, we want to welcome you to our river city. For those who are new to Cape, consider this your guide to how to make ... Read More
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