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New Year’s Resolution to Organize Your Home

As the new year approaches,many of us have resolutions to be healthier or get in shape. What about resolutions to get your home in order? Maybe your closets are cluttered or garage needs guidance. But where to start? When approaching a major project of boxes and disorganization, decluttering is the first step. Here are some ... Read More

National Dress Your Pet Up Day

It’s National Dress Your Pet Up Day! Does puppy have a Halloween costume? Or maybe a cute winter coat? Rain booties to protect his or her feet? What about a dress or headband? Does your pet’s wardrobe rival yours? Maybe it’s time to expand your pet’s wardrobe. Good news – Cape has several locations to ... Read More

National House Plant Appreciation Day

Are you a fan of a fiddle leaf fig or a philodendron? If so, today is a special day! It’s National House Plant Appreciation Day! A day to celebrate the benefits of having some greenery around your home! Did you know having indoor plants improves air quality, reduces stress, supports cognitive health and boosts creativity? ... Read More
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