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New Year’s Resolution to Organize Your Home

As the new year approaches,many of us have resolutions to be healthier or get in shape. What about resolutions to get your home in order? Maybe your closets are cluttered or garage needs guidance. But where to start? When approaching a major project of boxes and disorganization, decluttering is the first step. Here are some ... Read More

National House Plant Appreciation Day

Are you a fan of a fiddle leaf fig or a philodendron? If so, today is a special day! It’s National House Plant Appreciation Day! A day to celebrate the benefits of having some greenery around your home! Did you know having indoor plants improves air quality, reduces stress, supports cognitive health and boosts creativity? ... Read More

Cape Girardeau and Beyond!

Did you realize you could be eating Chicago deep dish pizza in less than two hours…in Chicago? Yum! The Cape Girardeau Regional Airport is a full-service airport offering daily flights to Chicago, whether your destination is The Windy City…or beyond! You can fly from Cape Girardeau to Chicago then take a flight from Chicago to ... Read More

Tee Time

Dust off the old clubs and put on your best pair of plaid pants, it’s time to tee off. National Golf Lovers Day is October 4th and we want you to have the most un-FORE-gettable golf experience in Cape Girardeau. If you live for the game of golf, you’ll want to get here. We have ... Read More

Creativity in Cape

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse     October 25th is National Artists Day. This is a day to appreciate all of the contributions artists have made on our world. In Cape Girardeau, we are fortunate to have art all around us. From the sculptures that don the streets of downtown Cape and the murals ... Read More

Spooktacular Cape Girardeau

Do you love all things scary and spooky? Do you like to learn about specters and spirits? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you need to get here. Cape has all you need to get your adrenaline pumping this spooky season. The Glenn House If you want to feel chills rundown your ... Read More

The Perfect Brew Just for You

“Hoppy” National Beer Lovers Day! See what we did there? All bad puns aside, this is a day that we are really excited for. September 7th is the perfect time for all you beer lovers out there to grab a pint…or two… and enjoy a flavorful experience. Lucky for us, we have breweries right here ... Read More

Fall for Fall in Cape Girardeau

Crunching leaves, the scent of smoke from a campfire, a cup of tasty apple cider. These are just a few reasons we love the autumn season. We’re ready to make the most of this cozy season and hope that you’re ready to too! Here are a few of our picks for how to spend your ... Read More

A Piece of Peace

“Peace is its own reward.” – Mahatma Ghandi   Life can be a chaotic whirlwind, especially during times like these when we’re all facing a pandemic. Often times, we don’t let ourselves lay back and relax or take time to find peace. Did you know that your mental and emotional health heavily factor into your ... Read More

Why You Should Spend National Red Wine Day in Cape

There aren’t that many things you can apply the phrase “since the beginning of time” to, but red wine comes pretty close – right down to the Ancient Egyptians, who detailed how to produce wine in their tomb paintings. If you’re a red wine lover, you probably already know the benefits of drinking it – from ... Read More
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