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Cape Cycling The Area's Top Trails

There's just something about riding a bike. Maybe it's the serenity of ambling along a quiet trail, soaking in the sun and admiring the foliage around you. Or maybe it's the sense of accomplishment you get at the crest of a hill you weren't sure you'd reach. Or maybe it's the memory of riding through your childhood neighborhood, popping wheelies as often as you got the chance.  No matter what your motivation, one thing is clear: Cape presents an exciting opportunity for any cyclist. With flat or hilly terrain, stunning scenery, the Tour d... Read More

How to See Cape Girardeau Without Leaving Your Car

During a Southeast Missouri summer - when you don't need an oven to bake cookies - the inside of an air-conditioned vehicle or home can feel like paradise. But the indoors can also get a little boring after a few days - the same windows, the same walls - until you just want to go outside. Except the hot sun is waiting. That's why we've made it possible to explore Cape Girardeau while keeping cool.  African American History Your vehicle becomes a time machine (think DeLorean) for traveling to the 1800s and exploring the rich history of C... Read More

Eat Drink and Be Merry Cape's Newest Restaurants

From wings to burgers, chicken, seafood, craft beer and root beer, Cape Girardeau's food scene is flat-out delicious. And in the past few months, it's grown as several new eateries moved into town or expanded. If you haven't been keeping up with the new businesses, we've made things easy by checking out the seven newest restaurants in town. And we've reached a consensus that you can't go wrong with any of them.  A&W The name A&W means one thing: root beer. Made with real cane sugar, this nearly hundred-year-old beverage has been ... Read More

5 Places to Beat the Heat in Cape Girardeau

Summer in Cape is beautiful - there's no debating that. With lush grass, bright sunshine and colorful flowers along quiet hiking trails, early mornings and late evenings are perfect for getting out and about. But when the midday temperature rises to triple digits, the Southeast Missouri heat isn't for the faint of heart. Fortunately, you don't have to limit summer activities to 70-degree weather. We know a few spots to enjoy fun while staying near an air conditioner.  Cape West Cinema Grab a tub of rich buttered popcorn, lean back in a... Read More

3 Ideas for a Magical Summer Night in Cape Girardeau

Stars dance overhead as a stone skips across the water's surface, leaving a trail of ripples behind. A horn echoes from a barge heading down the Mississippi. It's peaceful. The moon shines on the water, and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge glows in the distance. Your favorite Cape Girardeau haunts are calling.  It's time to embrace the summer excitement, and Cape's the perfect place to do it. Here are three ideas for an unforgettable summer night.  Date night It doesn't get much more romantic than an evening in Cape Girardeau. Even... Read More

Cape Girardeau Fishing Holes

The waves start to ripple in front of you as you grip the pole a little tighter. The bobber's moving up and down; maybe you're getting a nibble. It's been a few minutes since your last bite, a nice bluegill that's now on a stringer. But you don't mind waiting. It's sunny and breezy, and you're enjoying quality time with your son.  "It's moving," he yells from a chair beside you. Sure enough, his floater sinks below the surface. "Now!" you yell.  Your son jerks his pole, then reels ferociously, jumping up and down. Soon, he's holdin... Read More

O Say Come and See Cape Girardeau

We've decorated in red, white and blue, and we've got the fireworks ready. It's almost the Fourth of July! Cape Girardeau's roots go back to the very beginning of our country. In fact, a Revolutionary War soldier is buried within the city's limits. Uriah Brock, a fifer in the Battle of Monmouth, Siege of '96 and various other battles, rests in Old Lorimier Cemetery. If you're looking for a patriotic way to celebrate the United States' hard fight for freedom, spend Independence Day in Cape Girardeau. Here are a few things we have going on: F... Read More

How to Enjoy Summertime in Cape Girardeau

It's sunny and hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, but you're perfectly cool sitting on the edge of a vortex pool at the water park, toes dangling in the cool water. Kids laugh around you - your daughter and a friend she just met at the lazy river. After you leave here, you'll stop for ice cream. Or have a picnic in a local park. Or maybe skip rocks on the Mississippi River.  With so many options for summer fun, it's a little difficult to decide how to spend a day in Cape. But here are some ideas: Soak up sun When the kids get out... Read More

Summer Dining in Cape Girardeau

Whether your idea of summer dining is cocktails with friends on an open patio or the crunch of fresh veggies in a crisp seasonal salad, Cape Girardeau has exactly what you're looking for - from quaint eateries to local organic produce.  Alfresco dining Many of Cape Girardeau's restaurants provide patios where you can soak up some sun and enjoy a breeze while dining on anything from pasta to sweet treats. It's the perfect setting to indulge in some people-watching too. You may even see a local celebrity.  Cape Girardeau's restaurant... Read More

Cape's Finest Art

Between our melt-in-your-mouth barbecue and downtown’s antiquing paradise, a major Cape Girardeau bragging point gets overlooked – art.   We may not have the Mona Lisa on display, but an entire campus is dedicated to Southeast Missouri State’s fine arts programs. And a trip down Broadway is practically a sculpture exhibition.   Where to start A fine arts campus wouldn’t be worth its salt without an art gallery. Southeast’s is located at the Crisp Museum on the River Campus. Exhibits frequen... Read More
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