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Cape Girardeau’s downtown art

A stroll along Cape’s downtown streets reveals the community’s love for fine arts. For years, all types of sculptures have dotted the cityscape, changing each spring. Check out what’s new this year from the Cape Girardeau Arts Council!     “Mobile Home” by Illinois-based sculptor Andrew Arvanetes is located at the corner of Broadway and ... Read More

Corvette Caravan: What to expect

Imagine the ultimate road trip: A breeze rushing through the rolled-down windows of a shiny classic sports car (or a modern model, if you prefer). More than 5,000 miles through mountains, deserts and wide-open spaces bring new sights around every turn.   For drivers in the Southwest Corvette Caravan, the ultimate 5,000 mile road trip ... Read More

Fresh off the grill

If there’s one thing Missouri is known for, it’s barbecue – melt-in-your-mouth meat with flavorful sauces and dry rubs. Barbecue is definitely one of Cape Girardeau’s favorite foods, with a variety of restaurants throughout town serving their signature flavors. And two more barbecue places have just entered the scene: Bandana’s BBQ and Mary Jane bourbon ... Read More

Architectural tour of Cape Girardeau

From classic Victorian homes to a modern cable-stayed bridge across the Mississippi River, Cape boasts stunning architecture throughout the community. We can’t cover all 47 structures on the National Register of Historic Places in one blog, so here are a few must-sees.   Begin your tour in the 19th century, with a stop at Old ... Read More
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