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Cape Girardeau roots: Mississippi River

For centuries, the Mississippi River has been the lifeblood of this area – the center of commerce, culture and more. To dig into the river’s influence on Cape Girardeau, we spoke with Denise Lincoln, a local historian and Cape resident for nearly 40 years. She offered some fascinating insight on the subject. The Mississippi’s impact ... Read More

Shipyard Music Festival + Bollinger Mill Fall Festival

Friday, Sept. 27 kicks off an event-packed weekend, particularly if you like wailing guitar music or historical buildings – or both. The Shipyard Music Festival and Bollinger Mill Fall Fest are the perfect family-friendly activities to start a spectacular autumn season.   Shipyard Music Festival   When: Friday, Sept. 27 at 6 pm and Saturday, ... Read More

Touchdowns and tackles: Friday night football

Maybe it’s the anticipation in the air, the booming band music or the feeling of community camaraderie, but there’s something special about a football game. If you’ve never spent an autumn Friday night cheering with other fans each time the home team crosses the goal line or sacks the other team’s quarterback, you’re missing out. ... Read More

Why you should go to the SEMO District Fair

This year, neon lights from the Ferris wheel mark the 164th anniversary of the SEMO District Fair.  After a rather rocky history, it’s grown to become one of the biggest annual events in the region. If you’ve never been to the SEMO District Fair, you’re missing out. It’s no exaggeration to say there’s something for ... Read More

The story behind the SEMO District Fair

The SEMO District Fair’s history stretches back before Ferris wheels, before cotton candy, even before the Civil War. For more than 150 years, people have flocked to Cape Girardeau to admire massive veggies and top-notch livestock, mingle with neighbors and enjoy stellar entertainment at the largest fair in the region. The first Cape Girardeau fair happened ... Read More
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