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Best Ways to Break Your Resolutions

As the new year unfolds, many of us embark on ambitious resolutions to lead healthier and more disciplined lives. *Insert record scratch sound.* However, in Cape Girardeau, there are too many great restaurants and bars that might just tempt you to stray from your well-intentioned path. Here’s a lighthearted guide to the best ways to ... Read More

Indoor Activities to Do in Cape This Winter

As winter blankets Cape Girardeau in a chilly embrace, it’s time to discover the warmth and excitement of indoor activities. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, there’s no shortage of entertaining options to keep you engaged during the colder months. Let’s explore some fun indoor activities that Cape Girardeau has to offer this ... Read More

January Bucket List

As the new year unfolds, we welcome January, and a fresh start, with open arms! While the temperatures may be chilly, the possibilities for adventure and fun are endless. From outdoor activities to cozy indoor escapes, here’s a curated bucket list to make the most of your January in Cape Girardeau! Scenic Winter Walks along ... Read More
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