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Independence Day in Cape Girardeau

As a midwestern town in the heart of the U.S., Cape Girardeau celebrates all things American – Old Glory, Lady Liberty and the eagle. So the Fourth of July is a big deal here. We barbecue and wave sparklers in the backyard, but we also use Independence Day as a reason for the community to ... Read More

A look at Cape Girardeau’s Municipal Band

Almost every Wednesday night during the summer, a group of approximately 50 musicians tune their instruments, take the stage at the Dan Cotner Amphitheater and continue more than a century of community concert tradition. For all things Municipal Band, Dr. Dan Cotner serves as the local expert – and with good reason. He played trombone in ... Read More

Summer Arts Festival: What to expect

Whether it’s coloring, doodling, writing or singing, we’ve all got an artsy side. If you haven’t gotten in touch with your creativity recently, or even if you have, Southeast’s River Campus Summer Arts Festival presents an opportunity to celebrate all things artistic – and it might inspire a masterpiece of your own. It all takes ... Read More

Your guide to a summer weekend in Cape Girardeau

With its rolling river, charming downtown and friendly, welcoming citizens, Cape provides the perfect place to escape it all. Even if you live here, taking a weekend staycation offers the same relaxing benefits. The first step in planning any vacation is figuring out what to do. And we’ve got you covered. This weekend itinerary runs ... Read More
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