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Cape’s Meeting Facilities

Looking for a city to host a meeting or a reunion? A city with multiple facilities to choose from? With a picturesque downtown area, local restaurant options and located right along I-55? Cape Girardeau is your place! We would love to welcome you, and your group, to our Mississippi River town!   Regardless of the ... Read More

3-Stop Hop: El Torero, Laughing Gas, Dogwood!

In this edition of VisitCape’s “3-Stop Hop Series,” we are taking you to the middle of town for Mexican eats, belly laughs and post-comedy fun. First up is longtime Cape eatery, El Torero. Depending on which night you decide to 3-stop hop, you can enjoy street tacos on “Taco Tuesday” or all-day happy hour on ... Read More

Cape’s Cool Sweet Treats

The saying goes, “Life is like an ice cream; enjoy it before it melts.” And, we agree! Cape is home to many cool sweet treats. Here’s your guide (and permission) to check them all out this summer! Hurry…. add them to your bucket list before they melt! Locally owned by two sisters, Sugar Chic Creamery ... Read More

Plan a Guy’s Trip to Cape

We always hear about girl’s trips, but what about guy’s trips? VisitCape put together some entertaining ideas for a guy’s trip to Cape! Or, treat it like a staycation and spend a weekend with your buddies exploring some fun activities and stops around town! Fore! Cape is fortunate to have several excellent golf courses to ... Read More

Cape’s Live Music Scene

Live music in Cape! Cape has stepped up its game when it comes to opportunities for watching and listening to the area’s talented musicians do what they love. In fact, every weekend, you can find an array of music filtering out of the doors of local establishments and onto the streets of Cape. Inside Ebb ... Read More

Team Building Activities in Cape

Regardless of the size of your team, engaging in team building activities has big returns. Fostering work relationships can increase motivation, morale and productivity. Research shows that finding common ground outside the office environment results in better communication between staff and departments. VisitCape put together some fresh ideas for how to create a fun activity ... Read More

Celebrate Earth Day in Cape!

Earth Day is a great reminder to protect our environment. And what better way to do that than to get outside and bask in nature! To celebrate Earth Day, you could make plans to watch the sunrise, document a nature journey with your family, make crafts out of items found on a hike, etc. all ... Read More

3-Stop Hop Series: Kage House, Bloom Studio and Minglewood Brewery

In this edition of VisitCape’s 3-stop hop series, we take you to downtown Cape where you can stay in a historic house, stop by a local boutique then grab dinner and a beer at a local brewery. And, once you park, you won’t have to drive to get to these three stops! First up, the ... Read More

Cape’s Art Scene

Famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto said, “Art is too important not to share.” We agree! Cape has an art scene that’s constantly changing and ready to be explored! From murals to sculptures to galleries, check out VisitCape’s Art Guide for a full listing of places to discover and connect to the art world. Right off ... Read More

Spring Camping Guide!

Finally it’s time go get outside and soak up the outdoors! Lace up those hiking boots or track shoes and hit the local trails. Or, load up in the RV and have a staycation! Did you know that Cape has excellent RV parks? Have family coming through town? Encourage them to check out this list ... Read More
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