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The Southeast Missourian is Cape Girardeau’s local newspaper, with KFVS12 and KBSI being the local broadcast networks.


Cape Girardeau is situated on the Mississippi River right above the Bootheel of Southeast Missouri, and here you can experience all four seasons with a distinct Spring, Summer Fall and Winter.  Cape Girardeau is located in the Show Me State, so if the weather isn’t to your taste, sit tight for 5 minutes or so for something new!

Click here to view a graph detailing average lows and highs in Cape Girardeau throughout the year.  The Southeast Missourian, KBSI and KFVS12 both feature current weather information.

Getting Around Cape Girardeau

By Car

Cape Girardeau is readily accessible by car. Located directly off Interstate 55 (Exits 93-102) Cape Girardeau also features the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge that spans the Mississippi River and connects Southeast Missouri with Southern Illinois.

By Air

The Cape Girardeau Regional Airport is serviced by Contour Airlines, providing jet service to Nashville International Airport.

By Bus or Public Transit

The Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority provides public transportation around Cape Girardeau.

By Bicycle

Cape Girardeau has dedicated bike lanes and striping along 16 miles of city streets. The Cape LaCroix Recreation Trail is another way to get around Cape Girardeau on two wheels.

Riverboat Dockings

Since we are a river city, we often get to see paddle wheel riverboats. When they dock here, you’re able to see them up close. Feel free to check out our riverboat docking dates.



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