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Cape Girardeau’s downtown art

A stroll along Cape’s downtown streets reveals the community’s love for fine arts. For years, all types of sculptures have dotted the cityscape, changing each spring. Check out what’s new this year from the Cape Girardeau Arts Council!



“Mobile Home” by Illinois-based sculptor Andrew Arvanetes is located at the corner of Broadway and Pacific, near Southeast Missouri State University’s Alumni Center.



“Dulband Satellite Flower” was created by Richard Herzog, whose work mimics nature while being composed of man-made materials. You’ll find the sculpture along Broadway between Sprigg and Frederick, across from Catapult Creative House.



“Mind Started Rambling” comes from former Southeast Missouri State University instructor Dylan Collins. See his work near the corner of Broadway and Frederick, in front of Annie Laurie’s.



“Equity” comes from the mind of Nathan Pierce, a native Cape Girardeau sculptor. It’s located in front of Tattoo Spot, along Broadway between Middle and Fountain.



“Swept” is the creation of Marc Moulton, a craftsman from Georgia. The sculpture stands at the corner of Broadway and Fountain, across from the Courtyard by Marriott.



“Triangulation Tower” by North Carolina sculptor Carl Billingsley makes its home on the corner of Broadway and Main, in a parking lot across from Ritter Real Estate.


Click here to discover more Cape Girardeau art.

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