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How to See Cape Girardeau Without Leaving Your Car

During a Southeast Missouri summer – when you don’t need an oven to bake cookies – the inside of an air-conditioned vehicle or home can feel like paradise.

But the indoors can also get a little boring after a few days – the same windows, the same walls – until you just want to go outside. Except the hot sun is waiting. That’s why we’ve made it possible to explore Cape Girardeau while keeping cool. 

African American History

Your vehicle becomes a time machine (think DeLorean) for traveling to the 1800s and exploring the rich history of Cape Girardeau. You’ll meet the Ivers family and discover the story of these former slaves who joined the Union cause in the Civil War. You’ll also see churches built by members of their congregations and learn how the Brown v. Board of Education ruling impacted schools in Cape. Download the tour brochure here

Civil War History

While still in the 1800s, pause to discover Cape’s Civil War history. Partly due to its location on the Mississippi River, the town played a key role in the war. Ulysses S. Grant was made commander of the District of Southeast Missouri in 1861; you’ll see the building he may have used during his time in Cape Girardeau. You’ll also visit the Common Pleas Courthouse, where Confederate soldiers were imprisoned in the basement; the Fort D encampment where soldiers were stationed; and the Minton House, which served as a smallpox hospital. That’s just the start. Discover the rest of our self-guided tour

“Gone Girl” Sites

Fast-forward your time machine to 2013, where for a brief moment, Cape Girardeau became North Carthage, hosting celebrities like Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry and famous director David Fincher. You can imagine yourself in “Gone Girl” by standing where these stars stood, whether that’s inside The Bar, on the courthouse gazebo or in the parking lot of the former Federal Building (aka North Carthage police station). As a bonus, you’ll discover the stars’ favorite restaurants and hangouts while they were in town – all still offering mouthwatering menus and unforgettable evenings. Check out the recently updated tour brochure.

Rush Limbaugh’s Early Life

Moving to local celebrities, longtime talk show host Rush Limbaugh hails from Cape Girardeau, his family having a long time history here. Put a face to the man you hear on the radio and his heritage with a drive past his childhood home, school and the station where Rush’s career began. Tour brochures aren’t available online, but you can find out more about it here

If driving around our town makes you want to know more about Cape, click here to see all the local events coming up. 

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