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Fall Flavors Around Town

As the leaves begin to change and a cool breeze fills the air, it’s clear that fall has arrived. With this change in season comes a delightful array of fall flavors that awaken our taste buds and warm our hearts. From the comforting spices of cinnamon and nutmeg to the earthy sweetness of pumpkin and apples, autumn offers a cornucopia of delectable tastes that are perfect for cozy gatherings, festive celebrations and quiet moments by the fireplace. In this blog, we will delve into some of the most beloved and quintessential fall flavors that make this season truly special, and where to find them in Cape Girardeau!

At Socials Cafe & Coffeehouse in downtown Cape Girardeau on Main Street, you’ll find fall-themed treats in flavors like Chocolate Halloween and Pumpkin for cupcakes and Snickerdoodle and S’mores on the macaron menu. Need a caffeine boost? Try their Autumn Harvest Latte with pumpkin, hazelnut, caramel and cinnamon or how about Granny’s Pumpkin Pie Latte? Sounds like fall in a cup!

Speaking of pumpkin pie, Dairy Queen Cape Girardeau’s Facebook page says there are only two seasons each year: Pumpkin Pie Blizzard season and waiting for Pumpkin Pie Blizzard season. So check them out for your pumpkin pie ice cream fix, but they do have other fall favorites returning like Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough, Oreo Hot Cocoa and Royal Reece’s Fluffernutter. Even when it’s chilly outside, can you ever really turn down ice cream?

Bourbon as a fall flavor may not be the first one that comes to mind, but it does make sense as bourbon highlights notes of vanilla, oak and caramel. Where to get your bourbon in town? Cask Craft Spirits on N. Kingshighway is your stop for a wide selection to warm you from the inside. Or, grab a bite and a bourbon at a restaurant where bourbon is literally their middle name – Mary Jane bourbon + smokehouse – the wall of bourbon choices is higher than the eye can see!

Along with fall comes football! And football ushers in chili season. From Panera’s turkey chili to My Daddy’s Cheesecake Bakery and Cafe’s famous beef chili (and pumpkin cheesecake), Cape has plenty of places to warm up with a bowl – top it with cheese, onions, crackers, sour cream……make it a chili masterpiece!

As the leaves continue to fall and the air grows crisper, we hope you take a moment to savor the rich and delicious tastes of autumn and let them fill your heart with warmth and joy.

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