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3-Stop Hop

For the spring 2023 edition of the 3-stop hop, we explore the north side of town, starting at the Cape Girardeau Nature Center for a beautiful nature hike, Sedona for lunch, and Blackbird for some shopping therapy. Or, do them in reverse!

The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center trail is an unpaved 1.2-mile loop that takes 34 minutes to complete. But, you may want to stop and soak up some solitude on a bench or tree stump. The trail gets your heart racing as you climb in elevation and there are some stunning lookout points along the route to take in the blooms!

Once you work up an appetite, drive down the street to Sedona. How can the menu be anything but delicious when it starts with loaded fries? Sedona is a family-friendly restaurant with menu items including an extensive list of sandwiches and burgers, salads, soups, and filling entrees like bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin and pecan-encrusted salmon.

After lunch, walk around the corner to Blackbird by Peachy Keen where you’ll find the perfect gift for the ladies and kids on your list. They are fully stocked with spring décor and gifts and a sizeable selection of their “Happy Everything” line featuring serving pieces you can attach to fit the occasion or season. They also stock the ever-popular Bog bags and Swig tumblers.

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