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Your guide to March Madness in Cape Girardeau

Nothing but net! Alley-oops and slam dunks! Buzzer beaters!

You’re sitting at a tall table with a couple friends – all of you in your favorite jerseys. The typical murmur surrounds you as everyone chats about the game. The lead has been switching back and forth the entire half, and now the clock is nearing zero. At the 10-second mark, the bar becomes silent and everyone focuses on the TV. With each step, your favorite point guard nears the basket. At one second left, he takes a shot. As it bounds through the rim, you bound to your feet – along with everyone else. For a few moments, the atmosphere is nothing but cheers and clinking glasses.

It’s March Madness time. And if you can’t make it to Dayton, Hartford or Salt Lake City to watch live, Cape Girardeau has some great places to catch all the games. It’s the next best thing to court side seats. Our top picks for game-day excitement include:

A sports bar

Let’s face it: An NCAA game isn’t quite as fun unless you’re surrounded by other fans, celebrating your team’s every score while sipping a cold beer. Cape’s sports bars offer it all – the fans, the beer, the big-screen TVs.

A wing place

In Cape Girardeau, wings and sports go together like, well, a basketball and a hoop. The only thing that beats the taste of chicken wings seasoned with your favorite sauce is the sweet taste of victory. And maybe you can have both.

Somewhere new

With so many new businesses opening, your favorite place to catch a game may change from year to year. Fortunately, the long March Madness lineup gives you plenty of opportunities to try new places, taste different game-day foods and meet fellow fans.

Not sure where to visit first? Check out the complete list of Cape Girardeau bars and restaurants.

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