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Where to escape holiday stress in Cape Girardeau

With the holidays coming quickly, your list of preparations probably seems overwhelming: baking, parties, shopping, wrapping, decorating. It’s pretty endless – and stressful.

But before you toss the tinsel and hurl a pitcher of eggnog at the tree, take a little time to relax first get away from the bustle and refresh. We know a few ways to do that.

Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant

Take some time away from baking and candy-making to savor the season without the work. Treat yourself to lunch or dinner at one of Cape’s many restaurants – some of the most delicious around. Enjoy quiet time or intimate conversations with your favorite people, accompanied by tremendous service and selection. The list of possibilities is long: fine dining, Italian cuisine, sushi, an Irish pub and more. Take a look

Get some fresh air

Science has proven that being in nature tends to boost your mood. It might be a good time to bundle up and take a short walk. Stop by one of Cape’s coffeehouses for your favorite latte to go, then stroll along the Mississippi River and watch the gentle waves lull stress away. Or discover other places perfect for connecting with nature.

Head to a spa

If the holiday hustle and bustle is making you tense, pencil in some much-needed R&R at one of Cape’s premier spas. Schedule a massage, facial, manicure or all three, and breathe out stress with the break you’ve been waiting for. It may be that a couple hours of pampering give you the boost you need to tackle the rest of your to-do list. Find local options

Take in a movie

Cape West Cinema offers 1.5 to 2 hours of uninterrupted time where you’re away from texts and Facebook messages. You have no choice; phones must be put away during the movie. Escape the very thought of Christmas with a newly released comedy or horror film. Or indulge your festive side with either a classic or new holiday film. With 14 screens, you’re sure to find something you like – not to mention the leather recliners.

Wishing you a happy, stress-free holiday season!



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