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Welcome to Cape: A SEMO student’s guide to all things Cape Girardeau

School is almost back in session and that means it’s time for our SEMO students to come back! Whether you’re back for another year or you’re embarking on your freshman adventure, we want to welcome you to our river city.

For those who are new to Cape, consider this your guide to how to make the most of your free time here – from dining and drinks to nightlife and nature, there is so much to do. And for those not-so-new to our area, we still may have a few surprises in store for you as well. Our city is always growing and changing, with new opportunities around every corner. Start exploring now.


Dining from A to Z

As a college student your days can be busy. We know cooking may not always be your No. 1 priority while juggling classes, studying and extracurricular activities. Luckily, we have more than a hundred restaurants to take your pick from. Whether your dining on a budget or want to treat yourself after acing that big exam, or you just miss mom’s cooking, you can enjoy just about any type of food that your taste buds desire here.

Check out all of our local eateries:


 Enjoy the Nightlife

Now first things first, you’re here to learn and get a degree, but if you are looking for a bit of fun after studying, Cape has a fantastic nightlife scene. If you want an arcade experience, we’ve got it. If you want to grab drinks (provided that you’re over 21), we’ve got great options. If you like live music, we’ve got that too. There’s an experience for everyone downtown and beyond.

Plan your night on the town:


 Explore Nature

If you love the outdoors, you’re in luck. In Cape County we have several hiking and biking trails, parks and outdoor sporting areas. Not only is it fun to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, it’s also great for your health and a good way to get out any stress from your tough classes.

Get outside:


Experience the Arts

Cape has a vibrant arts community. Head downtown to see our massive flood wall mural known as The Mississippi River Tales Mural. As you walk, drive or bike up and down the streets, you may notice beautiful sculptures. Enjoy First Friday with the Cape Girardeau Arts Council for special monthly showcases and events. For performing arts, the River Camus offers first-class musicals, plays, recitals and more. In our city, we value the arts and know that it enriches us all to have it nearby. Student participation makes it even better!

Take in the arts:


We hope that you found this guide helpful and that you enjoy your time here. No matter how many years you study here, we will always be here to support you! Stop by our office if you ever need more information on things to do in our beautiful river city.

And remember, please practice social distancing and proper COVID-19 precautions if you go out and enjoy.


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