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Find out what exciting adventures await for kids in Cape!

Kids Summer Bucket List

Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore, have fun, and make memories. Creating a summer bucket list can help make the most of the sunny days and warm nights for your kiddo. Here are some exciting and adventurous ideas in Cape Girardeau for a Summer Bucket List – Kids Edition: 1. Camp at ... Read More
Kid-Friendly Summer Fun

Kid-Friendly Summer Plans in Cape Girardeau

As the sun begins to shine brighter and the temperature rises, parents everywhere are on the lookout for fun and engaging activities to keep kids entertained during summer break. Cape Girardeau offers exciting options to ensure your little ones have a summer to remember. Let’s “dive” into some fantastic kid-friendly summer plans in Cape Girardeau. ... Read More
Woman walks hand-in-hand with two kids through a nature path

Springing Into Warmer Weather: Nature Center Fun with the Family in Cape Girardeau

As winter’s chill finally gives way to the warmth of spring, it’s the perfect time to embrace the great outdoors with your loved ones. And what better way to do so than by exploring the natural beauty of Cape Girardeau? Nestled in the heart of Missouri, this charming city offers a plethora of opportunities for ... Read More
Summer bucket checklist

Top 5 Family Summer Bucket List

Do you and your family create a summer bucket list? Haven’t yet and getting a late start? No worries – start now! Gather the troops, a marker and posterboard and start with even just a handful of activities. Don’t forget to let everyone in the family pick a few – it creates excitement and even ... Read More

Fall Fun!

Fall…leaves changing colors, crisp air, football…a time to get out and enjoy the changing season with fall-inspired drinks, hiking and festivals before winter comes along. Let’s look at FIVE fun fall things to do in Cape! For those who love the fall season, pumpkin-spiced lattes can’t come fast enough! But Cape’s coffee shops have raised ... Read More

Pick up a Book!

In the movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” Meg Ryan’s character owns a small, independent bookstore struggling to stay in business, while a larger bookstore opens down the street. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a classic film starring Ryan and Tom Hanks, showcasing the story of two bookstores and an unraveling romance. Cape is also ... Read More

Cape’s Murals

You’ve probably driven or walked by them hundreds of times,but have you stopped long enough to really appreciate the murals that decorate our town? And, if you haven’t ventured to the other side of the tracks, you may not have known we are home to a new river wall mural, serving as a beautiful welcome ... Read More

Keep the Kids Busy this Summer!

Keeping kids learning and engaged in educational activities during the summer months can be tough. Cape is lucky to have some fantastic venues, both in nature and in the air conditioning, that are sure to entertain and educate kids of all ages. The Cape Girardeau Nature Center’s Facebook page offers events for children of all ... Read More

Saddle Up!

Looking for a new hobby or unique activity in Cape? How about taking up horseback riding? Established in 2006, Fox Run Riding Academy has Certified Horsemanship Association instructors to help riders just starting out or help riders who want to compete for gold! Housed on 75 acres, comprised of indoor and outdoor arenas, this beautiful ... Read More

Summer is Coming to an End!

It’s August. Teachers are setting up their classrooms, school supplies are flying off the shelves and vacations are over. But wait – did you get everything crossed off your family’s summer bucket list? Don’t worry! There’s still time to squeeze in some summer fun. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of a few favorite summer family ... Read More
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