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Nick Dunne’s “The Bar” Open for Business

Gone Girl fans can now sit at Nick Dunne’s watering hole and order a drink-The Bar opened for business last month.

The Bar played a starring role in Gone Girl, filmed in Cape Girardeau in the Fall of 2013. This former restaurant was transformed by crew members into The Bar that Nick Dunne runs with the help of his twin sister, Margo. Ben Affleck and Carrie Coon shot at this location frequently, and The Bar makes several appearances on screen in David Fincher’s hit film. Crew members painted a mural on the side of the building, added a new exterior and an iconic sign that all remains in the location’s newest iteration as a restaurant. Inside, Gone Girl fans can sit at the exact bar made famous in the movie and order a drink or a meal; the lamb sliders look especially tasty!

Step into the world of Nick and Amy Dunne at The Bar. Souvenir shirts are available, and the exterior mural and sign make a great photo opp for fans of the book or the film.

Fun fact: The snowy scene in Gone Girl outside The Bar? It was filmed in September. The film crew created the wintry look with machines that distributed shredded paper along the streets and the Common Pleas Courthouse Terraces.

Cape Girardeau is in impressive company, as “North Carthage”, Missouri has been included in a best “Set-Jetting” destination roundup along with Norway’s Frozen tours and New Zealand’s Hobbiton; check it out here.

Learn more about Gone Girl in Cape Girardeau here.

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