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Mississippi River history quiz

Whether you’ve been in Cape Girardeau for decades or only a few days, you’ve probably spent a little time beside the Mississippi River – watching waves ripple as barges flow past.

But how well do you know Cape’s favorite waterway? Test your river knowledge now.

 Question 1

True or false: The name Mississippi means “big river.”


According to the National Park Service, the name comes from the Ojibwe Native American tribe. Their word “messipi” has also been translated as “father of waters.”


 Question 2

True or false: The Mississippi River once flowed backward.


A series of earthquakes centered in New Madrid, Mo., in 1812 caused the river to develop whirlpools and waterfalls, as well as run backward for several hours.


Question 3

True or false: During the spring of 1839, members of the Cherokee tribe spent a week camping along the Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau.


During their relocation to Oklahoma, many tribe members died as they endured an entire winter in an encampment by the Mississippi.


Question 4

True or false: Most of the fighting in the Civil War’s Battle of Cape Girardeau happened along the Mississippi River.


The majority of the battle took place on the western side of town, although women and children were evacuated by steamboat as a safety precaution before the fighting began.


Question 5

True or false: The flood of 1993 was the worst flood the Mississippi River has ever seen.


Although it makes the top five in terms of devastation, the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 holds the record.


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