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Great Race 2021

The Great Race is coming back to Cape Girardeau! You won’t want to miss the action and excitement as vintage cars from across the country make their way into our beautiful river city June 22.

The Great Race is an antique, vintage and collector car endurance road rally which takes place on public highways from Greenville, SC to San Antonio, TX. It’s not a test of top speed but of the team of driver/navigator’s ability to follow course instructions and the ability of the car to make the cross-country trip. The cars have to have been manufactured before 1974.

Each day, the teams receive a set of instructions (up to 250 per day) indicating every turn, speed change, stop and start they must make throughout the day. The objective is to arrive at each of the 4 to 7 checkpoints at the correct time, not the fastest. The winner of The Great Race is awarded $150,000!

The first car will pull onto Main Street at 5:15 pm followed by over 120 of the world’s finest antique automobiles.

Be sure to watch for and cheer on local participants, driving car number 15…Kenny Foeste and Ted McClellan in a 1950 Lincoln!

Click here for the official race countdown and additional information.

It takes a lot of support from area businesses and the city to bring events like this to our community.  It is very much appreciated!

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