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Gone Girl Touring in North Carthage – I Mean, Cape Girardeau!

Local guest blogger Kaleisha Walker is back to talk about Gone Girl touring in Cape Girardeau!  The Gone Girl tour is a popular topic when our Director of Sales, Alyssa Lage, travels to shows to sell folks on having their meeting, tour or sporting event in Cape Girardeau.  Kaleisha is our go-to Gone Girl tour guide, and for good reason – take it away, Kaleisha!

How much fun was it to see the actual filming of Gone Girl right here in Cape Girardeau? And how cool was it seeing the movie and pointing out the familiar places here in Cape Girardeau? I had the absolute honor to be an extra in Gone Girl, so I got to participate on all the fun and cool stuff. And now, I’m getting another shot at the whole Gone Girl experience – I’m going to be a Gone Girl Tour Guide for the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau!

My experience as an extra in the movie Gone Girl was truly a dream come true. Getting that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be an extra in a big Hollywood film is an out-of-this-world experience. And, I didn’t mind one bit being in the room with Ben Affleck for approximately 14 hours – I’d do it all over again. It was an honor and privilege to be in the same room as David Fincher, Rosamund Pike, and all the other talented individuals – I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Now, I get the incredible chance to share my experiences with the tourists on the Gone Girl Tour.

Director of Public Relations, Stacy Dohogne Lane, reached out to me regarding this exciting opportunity and, of course, I couldn’t resist. I am thrilled and can’t wait to revisit all the places where Gone Girl was filmed. Being a native of Cape Girardeau will aid me in guiding the tourists through the city, but the Gone Girl driving tour map will also be beneficial for this tour. If you would like your very own copy of the Gone Girl Tour guide map, be sure to visit the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau at 400 Broadway Suite 100 or download it here

As I am using the map to take the tourists around the striking city of Cape Girardeau, we will also refer to the new interactive map. Yes, that’s right! The Gone Girl Tour has gone interactive!

All thanks to the folks at GIS with the City of Cape Girardeau Municipal Government, there’s a new Gone Girl filming locations interactive map. They have created this interactive map just in the “Nick’ of time for the tour I will be giving – thank you! In today’s world, it’s all about the interactive experience, and this map does a perfect job at providing you the detailed information you want and need. This interactive map will guide us and you to every filming location that took place in Cape Girardeau. We’ll visit a number of places such as The Bar, the Federal Building, the Mighty Mississippi River, the Gazebo, Drury Lodge (which is where all my scenes took place), and the locations goes on and on. You will just have to check out the interactive map for yourself to see all the other great locations. So, anytime you want to guide your way through the Gone Girl Tour, don’t forget your handy, dandy map and/or check out the interactive map – it’s really cool…and interactive.

I am ever so thankful for all the wonderful folks at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for thinking of me for the Gone Girl Tour Guide.

We are grateful to Kaleisha for giving folks a behind-the-scenes tour of Gone Girl filming sites in Cape Girardeau, and for sharing her experience with us!  If your group would like to set up a Gone Girl tour, give us a holler at 573-335-1631.  

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