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CVB Office Moving Around the Corner

It’s been a fun 9 years, 400 Broadway, but it’s time for the Convention and Visitors Bureau to pack up and move around the corner to 220 N. Fountain Street!  

The CVB has been located in the Himmelberaer and Harrison Building (the “H&H” Building) since 2007.  Built in 1907 and 1908, the H&H has been a prominent office building in Cape Girardeau ever since. Betty, CVB admin, remembers paying her utility bill when Union Electric had offices on the first floor, and my grandma, Mary Belle Dohogne, was a secretary on the 4th floor during World War II.  We’re all going to miss walking in to the grand marble lobby every day on our way to work and being a part of this piece of history, but the best is yet to come for these red brick walls.    

As soon as the CVB is moved out of suite 100 at 400 Broadway, work will begin in earnest on a Marriott “Courtyard” Hotel that will make this historic building sing again.  Visitors ask us all the time about a historic hotel property and properties close to the river and downtown; having the Marrott “Courtyard” online in 2017 or 2018 will be a great lodging option to be able to offer visitors to Cape Girardeau!  

When is the move happening?

The CVB will be closed for the big move Thursday and Friday October 20 and 21.  We’ll do our best to answer the phones (our phone number will stay the same at 573-335-1631) and respond to inquiries on Facebook, but service will likely be interrupted.  That friendly CVB welcome you are used to will resume at 8 a.m. on Monday, October 24 in our new office.

Where is the new office?

Our new address is just around the corner from our current office at 220 N. Fountain Street, in the former carriage house of the Marquette Hotel (the single story structure attached to the north side of the Marquette Hotel).  

What’s with the roommates?

We are moving in with the Cape Area Chamber of Commerce!  We’ve been working with Cape Girardeau’s other economic development arm for years and are looking forward to being together under one roof. is a treasure trove of things to do and see, places to stay and restaurants to eat at while we are busy creating a new visitors center – we can’t wait to welcome you again in our new office at 220 N. Fountain Street!  

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