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Cool Off with Cool Treats

One of the best parts of Cape Girardeau is that all four seasons are enjoyed to the max. We’re in the dog days of summer and it is HOT. Cool off with these cool treats in Cape Girardeau the next time the mercury creeps up there.

Old fashioned, homemade ice cream made with local fruit and real cream served up in a vintage ice cream parlor in downtown Cape Girardeau? Do not miss Creme and Cone inside Spanish Street Mercantile on your next visit; if you’re lucky, the peach ice cream won’t be sold out. You’ll know if you’re there when waffle cones are being freshly made, because the entire street smells like heaven.

Catapult Creative House has homemade paletas, and the lemon and watermelon flavors are everything these hot summertime temperatures call for. (The LEMON, oh my goodness)


60 flavors of icy deliciousness at Ty’s Summer Sno cool off the hottest day. Get crazy with toppings at Simply Swirled, with a Facebook page with constant updates on current flavor offerings.

Grab a cone from Old Town Ice Cream Company, operating out of a window on the side of popular restaurant Port Cape, where you can grab something sweet while you stroll Riverfront Trail.

Chocolate Works is serving up Graeter’s ice cream out of Cincinnati,Ohio. It’s made in small artisinal, 2 and a half gallon batches and it is super delicious.

Kaleidoscoops has a long list of flavors, like Missouri Pot Hole with fudge and fudge cups in their chocolate ice cream.

Andy’s Frozen Custard was Ben Affleck’s favorite dessert while he was in town filming Gone Girl; see why with a visit to taste a dreamy  seasonal speciality like Key Lime Pie and Peach Cobbler concretes. Dogs are welcome with their very own mini sample cones (look how much Oscar is enjoying his!)

Share your favorite ice cream in Cape Girardeau, tag your pictures with #VisitCape!

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