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Cape Girardeau Fishing Holes

The waves start to ripple in front of you as you grip the pole a little tighter. The bobber's moving up and down; maybe you're getting a nibble. It's been a few minutes since your last bite, a nice bluegill that's now on a stringer. But you don't mind waiting. It's sunny and breezy, and you're enjoying quality time with your son. 

"It's moving," he yells from a chair beside you.

Sure enough, his floater sinks below the surface. "Now!" you yell. 

Your son jerks his pole, then reels ferociously, jumping up and down. Soon, he's holding a fish at the end of his line. It's not much bigger than a minnow, but he wouldn't be more thrilled if he'd caught a whale. You're pretty happy too. It's the first fish he's reeled in on his own. 

Fishing in Cape

In this river town, fishing is part of our heritage. And we're devoted to keeping the tradition alive. From bass to catfish, you never know what's underneath the water's surface - just waiting for a juicy worm or brightly colored lure. 

If you're ready to try your luck or want to spend a sunny day on the creek bank, there's a new spot waiting for you. 

Capaha ParkYou don't even have to drive out of town to cast a line. Capaha Park has a 3.5 acre fishing pond with benches available and a fountain in the center.

Cape County Park North and South - With three lakes to choose from (two for adults and one for kids under 15), there's plenty of room to kick back and enjoy some quiet time. The kids' lake is the perfect spot to teach your child about the sport without worrying about snagging someone else's line. Just make sure you have a current Missouri fishing permit. 

Lake Girardeau - With 162 acres full of bass, bluegill, catfish and crappie, you'll likely be able to snag something (assuming the weather conditions are right). Boats are welcome, and you can stay the night at a nearby campsite.

Trail of Tears State Park - Spend the entire day - dawn to dusk - basking in the shade beside Lake Boutin. The bass, bluegill and catfish are calling. 

Get competitive

On July 8, amateur anglers are launching their boats from the Red Star Access boat landing into the Mississippi River for the Twisted Cat Outdoors Fishing Series. From 7 am to 3 pm, teams of one to three fishermen (or women) per boat will spend the day baiting hooks and casting lines to see who can bring in the biggest fish. Valuable prizes are up for grabs. Get the details

Embrace your adventurous side. Explore other great outdoor spots in Cape. 

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