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Cape Cycling The Area's Top Trails

There's just something about riding a bike. Maybe it's the serenity of ambling along a quiet trail, soaking in the sun and admiring the foliage around you. Or maybe it's the sense of accomplishment you get at the crest of a hill you weren't sure you'd reach. Or maybe it's the memory of riding through your childhood neighborhood, popping wheelies as often as you got the chance. 

No matter what your motivation, one thing is clear: Cape presents an exciting opportunity for any cyclist. With flat or hilly terrain, stunning scenery, the Tour de Cape each autumn and a supportive cycling community, it's the perfect place to spin your wheels (and we don't mean you'll get stuck).

With so many bike trails to choose from, picking our favorites was a difficult task. But we've narrowed it down to three - one for each level of experience. Check them out. 


Name: Cape LaCroix Recreation Trail

Distance: 6 miles

LaCroix Trail's paved surface runs throughout the town. With several parks along the route, it offers plenty of stopping places for those who haven't quite built up their endurance. Plus, the trail is marked with white and yellow stripes to help you keep track of how far you've ridden. 

Tip: Keep an eye out for runners and dog walkers, as they share the trail too. 


Name: Gordanville Loop

Distance: 35-mile loop

Heading toward a small community west of Cape, this 2.5 to 3 hour bike ride offers nice surfaces and usually light traffic. Flat ground mixes with hills that break headwinds periodically. This trail is sure to test your strength while allowing you to enjoy some gorgeous out-of-town scenery. 

Tip: The hilliest sections are close to Cape, so save your stamina to brave them on the way back into town. 


Name: Grape Vine Trail Ride

Distance: 85 miles

Only the most experienced cyclists take on this 4.5 to 5 hour trail. Mostly flat with a few rolling hills, the route takes you through two states (you enter Illinois). Beautiful views and flat areas with low traffic make this a great spot to set a new personal record. 

Tip: Pay careful attention while crossing the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge, as it becomes highly trafficked at times. 

These are just a few of the many trails Cape has to offer, including ones covered in gravel. Find out more on our Hiking and Biking page

If you want to really put your cycling skills to the test, register for the Tour de Cape charity bike ride, starting at 8:30 am on Saturday, Oct. 6. If you're not quite ready for the 100 mile route, start smaller with 60, 30 or 15 mile options. Get all the event details here

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