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10 Reasons to Go to the SEMO District Fair

From popcorn and candy apples to midway games and entertainment, the SEMO District Fair will soon become THE hangout in town. From Sep. 8 to 15, Arena Park will be bustling with whirling rides, champion livestock and every kind of fair food you can imagine. 

If you're on the fence about whether to stop by, check out a few reasons why this is a can't miss event.

10) Lots of tractors

The Cape Girardeau area is farm country, so it only makes sense that agriculture plays a big part in the fair. Antique tractors will be on display all week long - John Deere, Case and more, dating back a century plus. With three opportunities to watch a tractor pull, you'll be in agricultural pu-pu-pu-pu-paradise (think Craig Morgan singing "International Harvester").

9) Humongous veggies

It doesn't sound that cool written out, but trust me, giant squash and pumpkins can be aw-inspiring. Seriously. Meander through the veggie displays to check out plants most of us can only dream of growing. 

8) Stunning arts and crafts

If vegetables aren't your thing, maybe an intricately embroidered quilt with almost microscopic detail will catch your eye. Or photos and paintings that capture life in the Southeast Missouri region as only a native can. Don't forget to stop by the 4-H area to see what talented up-and-comers have put together. It's sure to impress. 

7) The barnyard

Can you have a fair without livestock? We think not. That's why we bring together the finest farm animals in this part of the state. Say hello to row after row of horses, cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits ... the list goes on. For more exotic critters, check out Woody's Menagerie and Circus of Wildlife Show, appearing three times each day. Rumor has it there may even be a liger (half lion, half tiger) on the grounds. 

6) Unbelievable entertainment

Shows aren't limited to just the grandstand - and not all of them cost an extra fee. Throughout the week, a variety or entertainers wander the grounds, ringing smiles and thrills to passersby. Woody's Menagerie showcases exotic, talented animals. Kenny Ahern brings the laughs. Marcos the Juggler eats fire, rides a unicycle and, imagine that, juggles. Rounding things out, Wade Henry performs daring tricks as well. 

5) Beloved parade

Always a fan favorite, the fair kicks off with a thrilling parade the entire family will enjoy. It's the whole nine yards: floats, bands, candy, tractors, horses ... plus extras. The route starts at Capaha Park at 9:30 am on Saturday, Sep. 8 then goes to Arena Park. That's the signal for the fair action to commence. 

4) Whirling Rides

See the bright lights of Cape from the top of a Ferris wheel, or spin in circles on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Whether you go for tamer rides or expect a thrill, there's something for you. And don't miss your chance to win great prizes at the games. Check out carnival deals offered throughout the week. 

3) Endless food

Whatever you're craving, it'll probably be there. We can't begin to list it all, but I guarantee you'll find classic favorites: corn dogs, cotton candy, taffy, candy apples, fried Oreos, kettle corn - just to start. 

2) Top-notch musicians

There's a stellar grandstand lineup you're sure to love. Tuesday features Christian artists Citizen Way and Natalie Grant. Modern country entertainer Granger Smith will be playing on Wednesday, and we expect Earl Dibbles Jr. to stop by and say, "Yee yee!" Classic country band Diamond rio takes the stage on Thursday. With a dirt-covered ground, things might get messy, but it'll be a beautiful mess. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

1) All the people

It's not an exaggeration to say most of the area will turn out at some point during the week. From co-workers to neighbors to former classmates, you never know who you'll run into. And that's what makes the fair a great week and has for 163  years - everyone joining together, kicking back, catching up and just having a good time. 

So grab a corn dog and join in. You can find all the details here

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