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Four Hot Drinks to Warm You Up this Month in Cape Girardeau

Switch up your typical morning pick-me-up with one of these drinks bound to warm you up!

Settle in for a pot of tea at Baristas. The Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea is served beautifully on a wooden tray with a pretty glass pot of piping hot tea and can be enjoyed at a marble table in front of a sunny window looking out over Broadway or in the historic 1920's lobby. 

I bet you've never asked for a Fluffernut before at a coffeehouse, and here's your chance. Born from a regional Barista competition, the Fluffernut at Cup 'N Cork is full of white chocolate, peanut butter and notes of toasted marshmallows. Atmosphere is book store meets wine cellar meets coffee shop, so you can settle in for a bit.

Dynamite's seasonal menus are tried and true, and crafted with an eye to precision with homemade ingredients and just enough sweetness. The Winter Storm Latte makes all that trudging through ice and those sky high heating bills worthwhile, with espresso made from beans roasted in house, milk, dark chocolate and a hint of macadamia. It's all kinds of dreamy, and the latte art is just that - a work of art. 

Socials Cafe and Coffeehouse's drink of the week is a consistent delectable surprise, like the recent Smores latte, a dark chocolate mocha spiked with vanilla syrup, topped with toasted marshmallows, drizzled with dark chocolate syrup and served in a mug rimmed with graham cracker crumbs, or a salted caramel latte topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce and a sprinkle of fleur de sel sea salt. Drinks of the week are available for just a week at a time and every week brings a brand new treat. Our recommendation? Don't get these to go, sit down and drink out of a real mug. Lattes and mochas are half price every Wednesday.

This is just a sampling of spots for hot drinks in Cape Girardeau - get the full run down on local coffee shops here. Stay warm out there! 

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