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Eat Drink and Be Merry Cape's Newest Restaurants

From wings to burgers, chicken, seafood, craft beer and root beer, Cape Girardeau's food scene is flat-out delicious. And in the past few months, it's grown as several new eateries moved into town or expanded. If you haven't been keeping up with the new businesses, we've made things easy by checking out the seven newest restaurants in town. And we've reached a consensus that you can't go wrong with any of them. 


The name A&W means one thing: root beer. Made with real cane sugar, this nearly hundred-year-old beverage has been loved by generations. One sip from a frosted A&W mug transports you back to the days of poodle skirts and drive-ins. It's that classic. 

A&W root beer pairs well with burgers, chicken and hot dogs - all on the menu. Or go for a timeless float - root beer poured over vanilla ice cream and served in a frosted mug. And if you feel like seafood, pair it with an entrée from Long John Silver's. The two restaurants share the same building. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

B-Dubs isn't new to Cape, but its location on Siemers Drive is. Inside, you'll find wall-to-wall TVs and cheering fans enjoying game-day excitement no matter the sport: basketball, football, UFC and, of course, Cardinals baseball. And the menu is custom designed for the devout sports fan: beer and wings. 

The new location offers everything you love about Buffalo Wild Wings on William Street, plus a few extras like two outdoor patios. And it's next to Cape West Cinema, ideal for a date night or an evening with friends. 

Captain D's

Seafood meets fast food at this new Kingshighway restaurant. Offering everything from fried shrimp to wild Alaskan salmon and lobster rolls, Captain D's is a convenient place to satisfy your seafood craving. Order via the drive-thru if you're in a hurry, or mix and mingle inside if you have some extra time. 

Ebb and Flow Fermentations

A true Cape Girardeau original, Ebb and Flow is the newest of the new. This brewery and tasting room - boasting eclectic, chic décor - focuses on sour and wild/mixed fermentation yeast beers you won't find anywhere else. At the beginning, options include four fruit variants made with the same Lithuanian yeast strain, but the choices will constantly rotate. Each trip is sure to bring different flavors than the last. 

Kenny's Flippin Burgers

It's plain to see this restaurant believes bigger is better. Located in West Park Mall and serving massive entrees, this eatery brings all-American meals to a new level while still paying homage to that classic diner feel. 

Kenny's balances kitsch and rich flavor through menu selections with iconic names: Kluck Norris (chicken, mayo and pickles deep-fried in a biscuit) and The (1/2 pound patty, American cheese, fried egg and bun wrapped in bacon and deep-fried). Their specialty desserts are sure to give you a sugar rush that's totally worth it: massive milkshakes, a cotton candy ice cream burrito and doughnuts filled with ice cream. 

Lemonade House Grille

It's classic American comfort food only Southeast Missouri can provide. Take a seat at a vintage turquoise table and choose from an impressive selection of specialty lemonades: gummy bear, huckleberry and mango tango, just to name a few. Then dig into an appetizer of loaded fries, onion rings or cheese sticks. 

The entrée decision may be the hardest one you'll make all day. Choose from a selection of specialty hamburgers you won't find anywhere else. The Memphis King includes honey peanut butter, and the Maui burger gives a Hawaiian twist. If you're not a burger person, fear not. Chicken tacos, hot dogs and a variety of salads round out the menu. 


We round out our A to Z list with a premiere chicken place. Boasting fried chicken pretty much any way it can be made, Zaxby's brings a little extra crunch to Cape. Embracing its place at the end of the alphabet, this restaurant offers everything from Zappetizers to Zalads (Southeast Missouri transalation: appetizers and salads). Stop by to try chicken fingers, wings and specially made tater chips you can't find in the bag. 

Take some time to try out Cape's newest flavors and welcome these eateries to town. For a complete list of restaurants - old and new - click here

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