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Silly facts about Cape Girardeau

As you cross the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge into Cape Girardeau, you enter a charming community with a long, vibrant past. But hidden behind the historic homes and picturesque panoramas are some odd, slightly ridiculous facts and traditions. Let’s take a look at a few of them. The town’s name is spelled wrong Cape Girardeau is named after Jean Baptiste Girardot, who came from France and ran a trading post in what would become Cape. Over time, “Girardot” came to be spelled “Girardeau.” One theory questions... Read More

Your guide to March Madness in Cape Girardeau

Nothing but net! Alley-oops and slam dunks! Buzzer beaters! You’re sitting at a tall table with a couple friends – all of you in your favorite jerseys. The typical murmur surrounds you as everyone chats about the game. The lead has been switching back and forth the entire half, and now the clock is nearing zero. At the 10-second mark, the bar becomes silent and everyone focuses on the TV. With each step, your favorite point guard nears the basket. At one second left, he takes a shot. As it bounds through the rim, you bound to your ... Read More

3 reasons why you should go to the Heartland Home and Garden Show

Imagine your backyard as the ultimate oasis – shady and peaceful, with water flowing down a serene rock fountain. You live in the middle of town, but it doesn’t feel like it. Your yard is your escape, making worries disappear underneath warm sunbeams. If you’re ready to upgrade your landscaping, the perfect place to start is the Heartland Home and Garden Show, scheduled for March 15 to 17 at the Show Me Center. Whether you want something simple and eye-catching or a more complex design, it’s a great starting point your ... Read More

4 ways to enjoy spring break in Cape Girardeau

You have a historic river instead of a salty ocean. And maple trees instead of that irritating sand. It’s a recipe for a pretty nice spring break!  Staying in town comes with two advantages: It’s less expensive. There’s not a huge crowd of tourists. Here are our suggestions for making the most of your time away from classes. Blow off some steam You’ve most likely spent the last week or two writing papers and cramming for midterms. Now it’s time to catch up on fun. We suggest live music, ... Read More
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