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Why you do not want to miss the farmers market

If you haven’t spent a misty Saturday morning or sunny Thursday afternoon browsing rows of fresh produce and handmade crafts while breathing in the scent of doughnuts and cinnamon rolls, we feel sorry for you.

The farmers market has been a Cape Girardeau summertime staple for years – one with no generation gap. Everyone loves it.

Part of the reason why farmers markets are so loved is because of their long history. And we don’t mean just in Cape. Community gatherings for selling produce have existed since the early days of America. Well, actually, even before then. The U.S. Department of Agriculture places the original farmers market in Lancaster, Pa., in 1730 – 46 years before the U.S. declared independence.

Since that time, farmers markets have remained entrenched in American agriculture. The Smithsonian notes that Thomas Jefferson visited a Georgetown market to pick up fresh veggies, beef and eggs. Produce has been sold from covered wagons, the back of old trucks and everything in between. And 289 years later, farmers markets are still trendy.

If you stop by only a couple times a year, you’re missing out. A few mainstays are available all year, like doughnuts, lemonade and barbecue, but vendors’ offerings typically depend on what’s in season. For instance, watermelons and lilies are available earlier than pumpkins and mums. Because everything is restricted to their natural seasons, you’re guaranteed peak freshness.

As an added bonus, the entire community benefits when you shop locally. Reader’s Digest shows that out of $100 spent at a farmers market, $62 goes directly back into the local economy. That doesn’t sound huge at first, but $100 at a grocery store only contributes $25 to the local economy.

Farmers markets operate on the principle that small things add up to a big impact over time – economically, environmentally and even socially by bringing the community together. Plus all the great flavors you don't want to miss.

We invite you to shop with us.

Cape Farmers Market
Thursday noon-5 p.m.
West Park Mall lot
April 11-Nov. 14, 2019
Cape Riverfront Market
Saturday 8 a.m.-noon
35 S. Spanish St.
May 4-Oct. 26, 2019

Visit our events page for more details.

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