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Fly high: 2019 Cape Girardeau Air Festival

Did you ever watch white smoke trail across the sky and wonder what your house looked like from above? Or imagine who was on the plane and where they were heading?

Since the Wright brothers’ Kitty Hawk flight, humans have been fascinated with aviation. And the Cape Girardeau Air Festival on May 18 and 19 at the Regional Airport offers an opportunity to embrace that fascination. It’s a nearly four-hour show packed with world-class pilots and daring parachutists.  

The Blue Angels are the festival’s most well-known performers. This elite group of 16 Navy officers performs jaw-dropping flying demonstrations. While in the air, the pilots complete loops, barrel rolls and the Diamond 360, which requires them to fly their jets within 18 inches of each other.

More flips and loop the loops come from Joe “Rifle” Shetterly, Gary Ward and Skip Stewart. Stewart was the first pilot brave enough to fly his plane under a jumping motorcycle. The Phillips 66 Aerostars will also join in the fun, flying faster than 250 miles per hour while nearly touching wing tips. 

Closer to the ground is the Shockwave Jet Truck. This semi boasts three jet engines and a horsepower of 36,000, meaning it can go up to 350 miles an hour while spewing fire. Precision Exotics also keep things exciting on the ground with Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

The U.S. Army Golden Knights span the distance between the sky and the ground. Since its formation, this world-class parachute team has broken around 350 records. They’ve been known to pass a baton while falling at 120 miles per hour and have even cut away their parachutes on purpose.

The festival will also honor the past with vintage aircraft, known as Warbirds.

Explore a T-28 Trojan, TP-40 Warhawk and more. Dixie Wing Commemorative Air Force will put a P-51 Mustang and 4G-1D Corsair in formation. Plus, the Show Me Commemorative Air Force will bring World War II history to life with military aircraft from that period.

 That’s just a portion of what you’ll see at the show, and you might even get the chance to ride in a plane or exotic car. Discover what else the Cape Girardeau Air Festival has to offer. 



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