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4 ways to enjoy spring break in Cape Girardeau

You have a historic river instead of a salty ocean. And maple trees instead of that irritating sand. It’s a recipe for a pretty nice spring break!  Staying in town comes with two advantages:

  • It’s less expensive.
  • There’s not a huge crowd of tourists.

Here are our suggestions for making the most of your time away from classes.

Blow off some steam

You’ve most likely spent the last week or two writing papers and cramming for midterms. Now it’s time to catch up on fun. We suggest live music, dancing and drinks (if you’re over 21). Our top picks:

Click here to discover Cape’s top spots for excitement.

Explore somewhere new

Whether you’ve been in town for one semester or seven, we guarantee you haven’t seen all of Cape yet. Take a day or two to soak in gorgeous views and discover little-known oases that could become your favorite spots. Our top picks:

Click here to learn more about Cape’s premier outdoor places.

Indulge in your favorite flavors

A busy semester generally comes with a steady diet of takeout. Use spring break as an excuse to treat your taste buds to flavors they’ve been craving. Cape’s eateries offer a variety of options that can rival cities twice its size. Our top picks:

  • Locally owned cafes
  • Fine dining
  • Sweet treats

Click here for a complete list of Cape Girardeau restaurants.

Treat yourself to something special

You’ve made it through the first half of the semester, and that’s a reason to celebrate. Our local shops are the perfect places to find unique items you’ll love. Our top picks:

Click here to explore Cape’s local stores.

Visit our Events page to find out what’s happening in town over spring break.

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