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3 reasons why you should go to the Heartland Home and Garden Show

Imagine your backyard as the ultimate oasis – shady and peaceful, with water flowing down a serene rock fountain. You live in the middle of town, but it doesn’t feel like it. Your yard is your escape, making worries disappear underneath warm sunbeams.

If you’re ready to upgrade your landscaping, the perfect place to start is the Heartland Home and Garden Show, scheduled for March 15 to 17 at the Show Me Center. Whether you want something simple and eye-catching or a more complex design, it’s a great starting point your spring landscape planning.

Discover three reasons why this annual expo is worth your time.

 Endless inspiration

Your Pinterest board may be overflowing with ideas, but it’s a little hard to visualize the final product unless it’s tangible. The Home and Garden Show is a little like a 3D Pinterest page; you’ll get an accurate feel for how current trends look in real life. Plus, with more than 100 vendors, chances are you’ll see ideas that haven’t made it to Pinterest yet.

Giveaways and discounts

Most likely, something’s going to catch your eye as you browse the booths. And with vendors offering discounts to expo attendees, it just might be in your budget. Plus, items will be given away periodically throughout the weekend, so you might walk away with everything you need for spring at a really low price.

Non-landscaping vendors

Don’t worry about getting bored. The Home and Garden Show brings a lot more than just landscaping and gardening. Here’s a sneak peek at what else is there:

  • Home decor
  • Hot tubs
  • Local produce
  • Pools
  • Wine

Click here for all the Home and Garden Show details.

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