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3 outdoor places worth braving the cold

When it’s freezing outside, the indoor warmth tends to be a lot more appealing than snowy steps – or anything else outside. But after a few weeks spent inside, the walls can start to feel like a cage.

When that happens, it’s time to bundle up and get a little fresh air, frigid as it may be. And we’ve got the scoop on the best places to visit, with winter scenes worth the trip.

  1. LaCroix Trail

    This nearly six-mile walking and biking trail boasts extreme versatility, offering multiple access points that let you customize your distance as well as stop and rest as often as you need. It’s paved and flat, making it easier to trek than other nearby trails. Plus, since it runs through town along Cape LaCroix Creek, you’ll be treated to a wide range of scenery as you follow the trail.

  2. River Wall

    The most striking views in Cape Girardeau come from the Mississippi River. Whether it’s covered in snow or flowing swiftly, looking over its banks brings a sense of tranquility. One of the best places to view the Mississippi is Riverfront Park – located just past the floodwall. Take a seat on the concrete steps and watch barges float by, or walk along the Mississippi River Tales Mural for an artistic touch. The Old Bridge Overlook and Park also offers a stunning look at the Mississippi and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge, with scopes available for closer viewing. And if you start to shiver, you’re near the downtown area’s coffeehouses.

  3. Trail of Tears State Park

This 3,415 acre park is pretty in the summer, but seeing it in winter provides a whole new perspective. Hiking trails offer views of the woods and panoramas of the Mississippi – sometimes from the top of a bluff. Plus, these bluffs become roosting sites for bald eagles during colder months, so you might even see one of those majestic birds in real life if you’re lucky.

Check out all the best outdoor spots in Cape Girardeau here.



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