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How to Enjoy Deer Season Without Going in the Woods

We’ve got the secret on the best place to spend deer season’s opening weekend: Cape Girardeau.

Let’s face it. Some people don’t like to get up early and sit in a tree stand all day. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy deer season. While hunters are in the woods, everyone else spends the day browsing stores, indulging in fabulous meals and relaxing in style. Here’s how to make the most of it:


Everyone needs an occasional shopping spree, and Cape’s the place to have it. With dozens of antique stores and boutiques, it can take an entire day to explore the downtown area alone. And then there’s furniture, pet supplies, shoes, sporting goods, jewelry and many other stores. See the complete list.

If you’re heading into town on Nov. 17 or 18, plan to check out the Christmas Arts and Crafts Extravaganza. With enough handmade items to fill both the Osage Centre and Show Me Center, you’ll savor baked goods and candy, find unique gifts and snag the perfect holiday decorations for your home.


With all that shopping, you’re going to get hungry. Since deer season is practically a holiday in this area, use it as an excuse to indulge in special dishes you’ve been wanting to sample. Cape offers everything from fine dining to burgers. Or try international flavors – Italian, Mexican, Japanese. And make sure you don’t forget dessert. See all the local dining options.


If going from store to store gets exhausting, kick back and enjoy serenity at one of our local spas. Whether you’re wanting a facial or massage, you can find the perfect way to spend your weekend. Discover your oasis.


Sure, rest and relaxation are great. But sometimes you want to have a little extra fun. From wineries to the casino, Cape Girardeau makes that happen. Spend a girls’ night sipping exclusive Cape wines you won’t find anywhere else, or try your luck at any of the tables or slot machines at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau.

With an opening weekend in Cape Girardeau, your stories will likely be more memorable than the hunters’. Don’t let this opportunity to treat yourself pass by. Find out more about Cape Girardeau.

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