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Civil War history: 56th U.S. Colored Infantry

More than 150 years ago, the air around Cape Girardeau rang with cannon fire as the Civil War made its way into Southeast Missouri. If you follow this blog, you may have heard of the Battle of Cape Girardeau. And nearly every American is familiar with Gettysburg, Shiloh and Bull Run. But in the annals of history, other significant events and people have become footnotes in the larger narrative. One of these often-overlooked contributors to the Civil War story is the 56th U.S. Colored Infantry for the Union Army. This regiment, active from 186... Read More

A look at Cape Girardeau agriculture

Anyone who has driven just a few miles outside of town knows Cape Girardeau County is home to some of the greenest fields in the state. Fertile soil abounds in this area, thanks in part to its close proximity to the Mississippi River. Southeast Missouri is known to produce top-quality corn, soybeans, wheat and more. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that the 2018 planting season saw nearly 57 million bushels of corn and 55 million bushels of soybeans from this area. Winter wheat alone brought more than 9 million bush... Read More

Guide to the Tunes at Twilight opening night

On Friday nights in the summer, Cape Girardeau community members gather in Ivers Square near the Common Pleas Courthouse, laughing with familiar neighbors and greeting new ones. Musicians in the gazebo accompany crickets with blues, country, pop and almost any other genre you can think of, depending on the night. It’s sometimes high energy, sometimes peaceful. But it’s always an opportunity to make memories, to connect, to discover the essence of this river town. Ivers Square has been kind of quiet throughout winter, but it’... Read More

Fly high: 2019 Cape Girardeau Air Festival

Did you ever watch white smoke trail across the sky and wonder what your house looked like from above? Or imagine who was on the plane and where they were heading? Since the Wright brothers’ Kitty Hawk flight, humans have been fascinated with aviation. And the Cape Girardeau Air Festival on May 18 and 19 at the Regional Airport offers an opportunity to embrace that fascination. It’s a nearly four-hour show packed with world-class pilots and daring parachutists.   The Blue Angels are the festival’s most well-known perfor... Read More

Mississippi River history quiz

Whether you’ve been in Cape Girardeau for decades or only a few days, you’ve probably spent a little time beside the Mississippi River – watching waves ripple as barges flow past. But how well do you know Cape’s favorite waterway? Test your river knowledge now.  Question 1 True or false: The name Mississippi means “big river.”  TRUE According to the National Park Service, the name comes from the Ojibwe Native American tribe. Their word “messipi” has also been translated as “fa... Read More

Capaha Park: A closer look

On a breezy, sunny day, you’ll find all sorts of people at Capaha Park – fishermen, joggers, kids swinging at the playground. It’s a connection point for the community – and has been for nearly 100 years. The park’s history starts with the SEMO District Fair. The event has a slightly rocky history, being shut down a few times over the years due to things like the Civil War and poor attendance. In 1900, after three years of closure, the Cape Girardeau Fair and Park Association purchased 40 acres to hold the event. ... Read More

Roy Thomas: Marvelous comic creator

If you’ve thumbed through a collection of vintage comic books, chances are you’ve stumbled across something Southeast Missouri native Roy Thomas had a hand in writing – although you probably didn’t realize it. When it comes to comics, Roy serves as Southeast Missouri’s shining star. In fact, he’s a shining star nationwide for his contributions to the genre. Roy’s a big deal His major claim to fame is his stint as Marvel’s editor-in-chief from 1972 to 1974. That makes him the direct success... Read More

Why you do not want to miss the farmers market

If you haven’t spent a misty Saturday morning or sunny Thursday afternoon browsing rows of fresh produce and handmade crafts while breathing in the scent of doughnuts and cinnamon rolls, we feel sorry for you. The farmers market has been a Cape Girardeau summertime staple for years – one with no generation gap. Everyone loves it. Part of the reason why farmers markets are so loved is because of their long history. And we don’t mean just in Cape. Community gatherings for selling produce have existed since the early days of Am... Read More

Silly facts about Cape Girardeau

As you cross the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge into Cape Girardeau, you enter a charming community with a long, vibrant past. But hidden behind the historic homes and picturesque panoramas are some odd, slightly ridiculous facts and traditions. Let’s take a look at a few of them. The town’s name is spelled wrong Cape Girardeau is named after Jean Baptiste Girardot, who came from France and ran a trading post in what would become Cape. Over time, “Girardot” came to be spelled “Girardeau.” One theory questions... Read More

Your guide to March Madness in Cape Girardeau

Nothing but net! Alley-oops and slam dunks! Buzzer beaters! You’re sitting at a tall table with a couple friends – all of you in your favorite jerseys. The typical murmur surrounds you as everyone chats about the game. The lead has been switching back and forth the entire half, and now the clock is nearing zero. At the 10-second mark, the bar becomes silent and everyone focuses on the TV. With each step, your favorite point guard nears the basket. At one second left, he takes a shot. As it bounds through the rim, you bound to your ... Read More
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